Signature Financial Security

Mike Robinson, CIM, founded Signature Financial Security in 2006 in order to put his unique background to work in filling, what he saw, as a void in the financial industry. Mike provides financial advice independent from the big brokerage, mutual fund and insurance companies, and partners only with companies that put client interests first.

Mike provides comprehensive financial security planning for self-employed, and other, successful professionals. He develops a plan to help you meet your financial objectives, while managing the complexity that comes along with owning your own business and acquiring significant wealth. 

Services include retirement planning, investment planning, estate planning, RRSP and non-RSP savings, TFSAs, personal and corporate insurance, and tax minimization strategies.


You’re a Forward Thinker

You have to be. As a successful business owner, you know only too well what can happen if you aren’t constantly planning and thinking ahead.


Investment Principles

At Signature Financial Security our money is invested alongside yours. We are independent and not tied to any financial products or companies.


The Signature Process

The process is about building a comprehensive wealth management and retirement plan, not simply an investment plan.

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