Mike Robinsin, CIM, is the founder and principal of Signature Financial Security.

After growing up in southern Ontario, Mike completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. It was here, while experiencing the life and culture of the Maritimes he found his true calling – Investment Finance. While some people may find this topic very dry and confusing, for Mike all the concepts just ‘clicked.’ Everything just made sense to him and he was able to figure out solutions by following his own logical process.


His natural talent did not go unnoticed when a representative from Manulife Financial was brought in to evaluate final papers for the university, and was so impressed with Mike’s work that he was offered a job immediately upon graduation.

It was only then that he gained exposure to the world of independent financial planning, and it was love at first sight. Previously, Mike assumed that everyone dealt with either a bank or a stockbroker and he found the independent wealth management landscape was a whole new world to improve upon his skills. It was a great way to apply his depth of knowledge into real-world investment and retirement plans, and truly help people. 

Mike was quickly promoted and journeyed further west to Winnipeg where his talent for finance, once again, did not go unnoticed. He began working within the Power Financial group of companies as a Private Wealth Counselor, whereby contracted advisors could access him as a wealth management expert to help with their affluent clients. As the ‘advisor to the advisor’ it was Mike’s job to ensure that the needs of the affluent market were being met in all aspects; from investment options to fee structures, to accessing lawyers and accountants, to tying it all together.

After five successful years as a Private Wealth Counselor, Mike and his new fiancée had some decisions to make, both personally and professionally. On the personal side they decided to head to Calgary, Alberta to raise their family. On the professional side Mike wanted to start working with his clients face-to-face and independent from any firm. Only then could he really customize a full financial plan to the individual with complete unbiased advice.

Through Mike’s independent firm, Signature Financial Security, he now is able to harness all his passion, knowledge, and experience to provide his clients with the caliber of advice they deserve. He still enjoys sharing his knowledge and is a regular contributor to CITY TV's Breakfast Television, Alberta Venture magazine, and has been a recurring guest on News Talk 770 in Calgary.

Mike and his wife Mireille have a lovely daughter, Melody. In their spare time they enjoy golf and squash. With Signature Financial Security now an established success and a new family started, Mike is firmly entrenched in Calgary and he, Mireille and Melody are often found in the mountains on the weekend skiing, camping or hiking. 

Mike is a graduate of the Sobey School of Business with a double major in Investment Finance and Global Business and he is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) through the Canadian Securities Institute. 

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