Mike Robinson, CIM, is the founder and principal of Signature Financial Security.


Way back at Saint Mary’s University, in Halifax, Mike was majoring in International Business when he was introduced to Investment Finance.

“Everyone else kept telling me how dry it was but I just couldn’t get enough. Portfolio theory, capital markets, asset pricing -I loved it all! So, I added Finance to the roster and ended up with a double major.” MKR

While still studying he wrote a paper for the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), which landed him a job upon graduation at one of the big national financial companies. It was then that he gained exposure to the world of independent financial planning, and it was love at first sight. It was a great way to apply his depth of knowledge into real-world investment and retirement plans, and truly help people. 

“I had assumed that anyone with substantial wealth dealt with a bank or a stockbroker. To learn that you could provide independent advice tailored to an investor’s specific needs and objectives, instead of just providing product, was really exciting.” MKR

Mike was quickly promoted and journeyed west, first to Winnipeg, and then on to Calgary. After several successful years as a Private Wealth Counselor with one of the big national firms Mike decided to become even more independent and started his own firm, Signature Financial Security, in 2006.

“The big firms were dealing with anyone and everyone. My expertise was really in working with people who owned their own company, or had very substantial net worth such that their needs were more complex. I decided I needed to focus where I can do the best work for the right people.” MKR

Through Mike’s independent firm, Signature Financial Security, he now is able to harness all his passion, knowledge, and experience to provide his clients with the caliber of advice they deserve. While the big banks and brokerage companies focus on providing product, Mike provides CLARITY.

“People don’t need to be pitched on more investment ideas. They need answers on how their wealth will provide for them when they aren’t working anymore, and that their affairs are in order should something happen to them. Then we can determine if their investment strategy is in alignment with what their real objectives are, and if they’re on track to meet their goals” MKR

Mike and his wife Mireille have a lovely daughter, Melody. In their spare time they enjoy golf and squash. Signature Financial Security is an established success and Mike, Mireille and Melody are firmly entrenched in Calgary. They are often found in the mountains on the weekend skiing, camping or hiking. 

Mike is a graduate of the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University with a double major in Investment Finance and Global Business and he is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) through the Canadian Securities Institute. 

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