You’ve been progressing in your career or building your business for many years now and have experienced both the highs and the lows. Over the years business has been good and you have built yourself a sizable nest egg.

You can’t help but think that some kind of retirement isn’t that far away. You may not be looking to completely divorce yourself from your business, but you would like some CLARITY that you can, if you want to. Maybe you have your eye on a second home or want to do some traveling.

Whatever your retirement looks like, the burning question is:

Will I have enough to fund the lifestyle I want, when I want it, and have it last as long as I need it?

These questions MUST have answers. With a sizeable nest egg you know you will be okay, but what you need is CLARITY on the income you can expect and how long it will last. You need CLARITY that your investments are properly aligned with your personal objectives, and are structured efficiently. You need CLARITY that your family will be properly provided for should anything happen to you. 



You need more than an Investment Advisor

You need a PARTNER. A partner who specializes in working with successful business owners and affluent professionals so as many contingencies as possible can be covered. While you certainly need to know how to best structure your investments, you need more sophisticated advice than that. You need a wealth management partner to make sure you minimize fees, watch the tax implications and take into account real estate, holding companies, your family and your estate, and more. You need a PARTNER to provide CLARITY to the burning questions: Will I have enough, will it last, and will my family be provided for?

You need a Wealth Management Partner who invests alongside you

Imagine dealing with a financial advisor who follows their own advice by investing alongside you and structures their own affairs they way they suggest you should.  Who else would better understand the complexities and concerns that you have? Who else would better understand the implications? 

Imagine dealing with a financial advisor who's interests are aligned with yours!  An advisor who operates their own independent business. An advisor who has other financial professionals as clients.


That's why you need Signature Financial Security...

Signature Financial Security is a professional, independent wealth management firm in Calgary that focuses on providing CLARITY to successful business owners and affluent professionals. The emphasis is on answering the bunring questions of Will I have enough? Will it Last? and Will my family be provided for should something happen to me? 



...and Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson, CIM, the principal of Signature Financial Security, has twenty years of experience focusing on the financial needs of affluent clients. He holds his Business degree in Investment Finance and is a Chartered Investment Manger (CIM) through the Canadian Securities Institute. Having been an advisor to other financial advisors and having other financial experts as his clients, he is very adept at investing in the high-end market, and can delve much more in depth than the typical advisor.

Mike uses leading edge technology to develop your unique financial security plan that puts you on the path to achieve your financial objectives, while managing the complexities of being self-employed and having seven figures to invest.

Your financial security plan will allow you to run multiple scenarios and better prepare yourself for the future. In addition to current assets Mike includes all factors such as other savings, pensions, government benefits, inflation, and changes in life such as downsizing your home or acquiring recreational property. In other words Mike develops an ENTIRE Plan, not just one for investments.

Don't put it off -the consequences can be serious.

Don't let yourself get closer and closer to retirement without the CLARITY you need. Signature Financial Security knows that there needs to be a fit for you and your potential financial advisor. There has to be a fit for Signature as well. That is why Mike is personally committed to spending some time with you, in person, and in a casual way, to let you get to know him, and vice versa.

See if Signature Financial Security might be a valuable financial asset

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