Will I have Enough?

Will it Last?

What are the risks to my plan and my Family? 


After twenty years of working with individual investors, this is the distillation of all the investment discussions I've had. These are the questions that MUST have answers. 

Twenty years ago I assumed that people with significant net worth, dealing with reputable institutions, were receiving pretty good advice and getting answers to these questions. After all these years, I know this is often not the case -and the consequences can be very serious. I consistently see very intelligent, successful people making mistakes that are easily avoidable.

How confident are you that you're where you should be, financially?

Do you know that you'll have enough, when you need it, for as long as you will need it? Are you sure your investments are properly aligned to your personal financial goals?

If there's any doubt you owe it to yourself, and your family, to get a second opinion.

Our Second Opinion Service will either give you independent confirmation that you're on track, or it will give you concrete suggestions on how you can improve your situation. Either way, you win.

How you act on our suggestions is completely up to you. This is a no-obligation service. We've provided dozens of our Second Opinion Service over the years. Many people have taken us up on our suggestions, and some haven't -but nobody regretted the decision to participate.

Of course, it's completely confidential. Get in touch with me directly to discuss getting a second opinion. Call me at 403-226-0321 or email me directly at to see if this is right for you. 


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